Donuts made fresh, on-site every day!

Behind the Magic

Here at Offbeat we pride ourselves in having the freshest product possible. Every morning, at an ungodly hour, our bakers arrive in to stores to begin making magic!

Mixing flavours for donuts Knead dough for doughnuts

They start their day (probably after a coffee or two…) by measuring out all of the ingredients that make up our soft, spongy and delicious yeast donuts. Everything is mixed together and then when the dough is formed the bakers carefully shape it into either a ring or ball donut. They’re then placed in a proofer. When the donuts have successfully proofed the baker lightly pokes the dough and if it springs back (can’t relate) it’s ready to be fried!

Baking donuts in the oven Preparing donuts for baking in the oven

Baking donuts in oil Baking donuts in oil

The donuts are fried by partial immersion in the oil. The donut is light and porous, so it happily bobs along the oil until it’s turned over to cook on the other side. Bakers from the day previous have prepped all the fillings and toppings ready to be used. As soon as the donuts cool, they are taken by our talented decorators, generously filled and topped with our premium ingredients. The donuts are then ready to be packaged for your order straight away!

Filling the donuts with creamDipping donuts in chocolate

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