Our Donuts – Offbeat Donuts
At Offbeat Donut Co we look to bring a little magic into your life by delivering the ultimate donut experience.
Our donuts are handmade fresh on site throughout the day by our talented bakers.

Unique recipes and the very best ingredients, which we have fine-tuned to deliver that ultimate donut experience.

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Dulce de Leche

Filled with a smooth Dulce De Leche. Topped with a crispy chocolate praline and finished with a sprinkle of coconut.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian



The Unicorn

A pink ring donut, topped with majestic unicorn icing sugar and magical sprinkles.

Milk | Wheat | Eggs | Vegetarian


Filled with a creamy Biscoff filling and topped with Biscoff spread. Finished with a sprinkling of Lotus crumble and a drizzle of white chocolate.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Vegetarian

Boston Creme

A traditional favourite made special! Filled with Crème Patisserie, topped with a rich chocolate coating, and decorated with white chocolate and icing sugar.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian

Caramel Ring

Dipped in soft luscious caramel and topped with a little bit of mars.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Barley | Sulphites | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian

Chocolate Orange

A fresh ring donut, dipped in a luscious orange chocolate, drizzled with a zesty orange glaze, topped with a Terry's chocolate orange segment. Simply Delicious.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian

Creamy Red Velvet

Rich red chocolate flavoured donut filled with cream cheese frosting and finished with icing sugar.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Vegetarian

Apple Crumble

Filled with apple pieces, generously topped with our homemade crumble and a dusting of icing sugar.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Tree nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian


Filled with OFFBEAT’S coffee creme patisserie, with a light cream topping and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Not suitable for Vegetarians


Our light ball donut filled with fluffy soft marshmallow, dipped in a chocolate glaze, topped with homemade butter biscuit and toasted mini marshmallows, drizzled with Nutella.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts)| Not suitable for Vegetarians

Cookies and Cream

A delicious creamy filling topped with a thick sweet icing and a generous sprinkling of crushed Oreo Cookies. Finished with an icing sugar decoration.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Vegetarian

Lemon Meringue

Filled with a citrusy creamy smooth lemon filling and topped with a light toasted meringue.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Vegetarian

Hazelnut Rocher

Filled with a whole Ferrero Rocher, topped with Nutella and toasted hazelnuts.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian

Peanut Butter Cup

Filled with a crunchy peanut butter creme. Topped with milk chocolate and finished with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | PEANUTS | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian

Bueno Bueno

Topped with whole pieces of kinder bueno, hazelnut and wafer spread and drizzled with chocolate

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Barley | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian

Nutella Ring

Our light melt in the mouth ring donut generously topped with Nutella and large chocolate flakes

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts) | Vegetarian




White glazed donut generously topped with rainbow coloured sprinkles.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | vegetarian

Cinnamon Sugar

Sugar and Spice and all things nice. Our Cinnamon donut- Perfect with a coffee for breakfast.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Vegetarian

Classic Glazed

A light and airy donut with a thin, crisp, sugar glaze, melt in your mouth!

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Vegetarian

Coffee Slice

A light coffee slice glaze, topped with creamy white chocolate curls.

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Soy | Vegetarian

Offbeat's Jam

Generously filled with a rich luscious raspberry jam. Simply delicious!

Wheat | Milk | Eggs | Vegetarian

Be a donut in a world full of cupcakes